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One-Day Meditation Workshop

Just a day to re-balance a hustle life and refill your energy.


Just like our body, our mind has been busily working hard every day. It endures many challenging situations and chaotic circumstances and absorbs mental toxins which cause stress, depression and anxiety. Mind is an element originating thoughts, which transform into words and actions. When our mind is healthy, we make better decisions and think more positively. As a result, we should detoxify and nourish our mind so that it will be ready for more challenging matters in life.

Meditation is a practice to enrich the quality of our mind and it is defined as the way of Self-Love.

This meditation retreat will offer thorough knowledge of meditation practice, self-awareness and how to apply it in daily life. Surrounded by beautiful nature, the serene environment will be a perfect holiday selection for your body and mind.

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